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Tintin et les Oranges Bleues, French Film Poster, 1964

Tintin et les Oranges Bleues, French Film Poster, 1964

A RARE large-format original vintage poster by Hergé for the 1964 live-action film Tintin et les Oranges Bleues, featuring all the leading characters in the graphic stories.  

160cm x 120cm

Good. This poster has recently been cleaned and restored to museum standard, though some signs of ageing remain. If you would like to know more please get in touch.

The 1964 film was the second made with live actors and was set largely in Spain, where Tintin’s adversary is an Emir attempting to steal a possible cure for world hunger (the blue oranges). The poster shows the familiar supporting cast: Snowy, Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus, Thomson and Thompson and the opera singer Bianca Castelfiore, as well as a few stock Spanish figures. This is one of the few pieces of Hergé artwork associated with this story, since the book of the film used photographs rather than drawings.   

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