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Bullfight featuring Manolete, Valencia, Spain 1947

Bullfight featuring Manolete, Valencia, Spain 1947

An original vintage poster from 1947 promoting a day’s bullfighting in Valencia, Spain, that would include one of the last appearances of Manolete (1917-1947), considered among the greatest of all matadors.  

Size 41cm x 30cm 

Condition  Very good. If you would like to know more please get in touch.

Background   Just a month after this event Manolete was fatally gored in the ring at Linares, a death that shocked Spain. Aged just 30, in a 10-year career he had created a new style in bullfighting. The second fighter featured in the poster, Manolo Navarro, is also famous in Spain: he had one of the longest careers in the ring and died in 2020 aged 95. The third matador, Paquito Muñoz, was also well-known.

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