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Orelia (Orangina), France/USA, 1983

Orelia (Orangina), France/USA, 1983

A CLASSIC original vintage 1983 poster by the artist Bernard Villemot (1911-89) promoting the French soft drink Orangina, known in the United States at that time as Orelia. It carries the logo for the ‘Fete de France’ at Bloomingdale’s department store that year. 

80cm x 60cm

Very good.  If you would like to know more please get in touch.

Orangina dates from 1936 and was launched in the US as Orelia in 1978, though that was dropped for the original name in 1985. Though Villemot is also known for his Bally shoes and Perrier posters, it was through his work for Orangina, usually with that twist of orange peel, that he made his mark. The Fete de France at Bloomingdale’s was a major event, aiming to offer the best of France – ‘everything from mousse to missiles’. The printer is IPA of Champigny. 

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