Original Vintage Posters
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Our collection has been built over many years from auctions, dealers, exhibitions and careful buying on the internet. We store most of our posters in archival sleeves in a large plan chest but we've reached the point where we can't comfortably accommodate any more. Hence the creation of Poster Finds where we are selling some of our hoard. 

We hope you find something you like on the site, perhaps for your home or office or perhaps as a gift for someone else. Please spread the word – and please return soon because there will be new posters to see: we frequently add fresh stock. 

This is naturally a concern when you are buying – most posters were never meant to survive more than a few weeks so they very often show marks of age. 

Some sellers use numbered or lettered condition grading scales but we have not found one that works for us. Instead we try to provide good-quality photographs on the site and we encourage visitors who want to know more to get in touch. We will happily provide more information and high-resolution photographs to help you make your decision.

All the posters on our site are original first printings unless we say so. We do have a small selection of limited edition reprints.

Conservation and restoration 
Where we feel our posters require it we have them expertly cleaned, conserved and restored. This usually includes backing either on linen or on the lighter Japanese paper. In rare cases our restorers make good a loss of paper or of image and where this is the case we say so. Again, if you have questions please contact us and ask.     

Original vintage posters are increasingly popular and there are some very high prices in the market out there. We try hard to price reasonably and competitively but like everyone else we are subject to the laws of supply and demand. Where the price is high it is usually the result of one or more of these factors: 

  1. Quality of design
  2. Reputation of the artist
  3. Age of the poster, or if it comes from an especially sought-after period
  4. Subject matter (railways and skiing, for example, are very fashionable)
  5. Condition
  6. Scarcity

If you should find the same poster for sale elsewhere at a lower price we advise you to check the condition carefully and make sure it is really original and that the seller is a reliable one. Our policy is to provide full details of condition.

We do all we can within reason to establish that our posters are original, vintage products (and in the few cases where they are reprints we identify these clearly). We research the posters as best we can and we buy from reputable sellers. Where we have any suspicions we err on the side of caution. If you have reason to believe that any of the original vintage posters for sale on Poster Finds are not original, please let us know.