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Andalucia, Spain, c1950

Andalucia, Spain, c1950


A DELIGHTFUL original vintage beach poster from about 1950 created by the artist and illustrator Teodoro Delgado (1907-75) for the Spanish tourist board. 

Size 98cm x 61cm

Condition   Excellent. If you would like to know more please get in touch. 

Background   ‘Veraneo en las playas de Andalucia’ is the slogan: ‘Summer holidays on the beaches of Andalucia’. In this ingenious composition, a woman of fashion has abandoned magazine, flowery hat and sandals and left her footprints in the sand on the way to the sea. These were the early years of mass international tourism in Spain and Andalusia in the far south was growing in popularity. 

Artist  Teodoro Delgado

Printer  F. Piulats, Barcelona

Publisher   Sección de Propaganda y Publicaciones de la Dirección General del Turismo Madrid

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