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Junkers Ju 188 British air diagram, 1944

Junkers Ju 188 British air diagram, 1944

A RARE original vintage 1944 British Air Ministry air diagram by Peter Endsleigh Castle (1918-2008) showing a German Luftwaffe Ju 188 medium bomber aircraft. 

99cm x 75cm

Very good. The poster was torn down a fold in the middle, but without loss of paper. It has been expertly cleaned, repaired and backed on Japanese paper. If you would like to know more please get in touch  

The four-seater Ju 188, powered in this case by BMW 801 engines, was a 1943 upgrade of the versatile Ju 88, used first as a medium bomber and later primarily for reconnaissance. Castle was one of a team of Air Ministry illustrators who produced and updated air diagrams, usually based on examination of crashed or captured aircraft. The diagram is marked 'Restricted', signed 'P.E. Castle' and dated '8.44'. The notes in the diagram include two in red identifying distinctive characteristics of the Ju 188A variant. The aircraft depicted carries the markings 201715 and U5 + DK. 

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