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Sydney Harbour, Australia, 1937

Sydney Harbour, Australia, 1937


A REMARKABLE and unusual original vintage poster of this globally-known location in the style of a Japanese print, with the Southern Cross above and the outline of Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background. 

It has been dated (by others) to 1937. The artwork is signed by Douglas Annand, a painter and designer who went on to create camouflage art for the Australian forces in the Second World War. 

Size 83cm x 57cm

Condition Fair.

The poster has been cropped across the bottom so that the slogan 'See the World Below the Equator' is lost, along with the rest of the badge of the Australian National Travel Association. 

Minor pinholes and tears near the top and bottom. If you would like to know more please get in touch..

Artist Douglas Annand (1903-76) 

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