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Claes Oldenburg, Smithsonian, Washington DC, 1968

Claes Oldenburg, Smithsonian, Washington DC, 1968


AN ORIGINAL vintage poster for a 1968 exhibition at Washington's Smithsonian  Institution featuring the work 'Scissors Obelisk Monument' by Claes Oldenburg. 

Size 109cm x 71cm

Condition Very good. There is minor wear and a clean 2cm tear at the bottom (no paper loss). If you would like to know more please get in touch.

Background Marked by the artist 'Scissors Obelisk' and 'Wash DC', this is clearly a take on the Washington Monument. The Swedish-American Oldenburg (1929- ), now known worldwide for his large outdoor installations, was achieving recognition in the US in 1968.  

Artist Claes Oldenburg.

Publisher HKL Ltd. 

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