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Château Gaillard, Normandy, France, 1954

Château Gaillard, Normandy, France, 1954


A dramatic original vintage poster published by the French national tourism agency in 1954 and featuring a view of the spectacular castle of Château Gaillard at Les Andelys in Normandy, with the river Seine weaving into the distance. 

Size 98cm x 61cm

Condition Very good. Two small marks in the lower centre.  If you would like to know more please get in touch.

Background Built around the year 1198 on the orders of the English crusader King Richard I, known as Richard the Lionheart, the castle stands about halfway between the cities of Rouen and Paris and was intended as a bastion to protect Richard's Duchy of Normandy from encroachment by the king of France. In fact it was soon captured by the French, though it would change hands several times in the later Middle Ages before its partial destruction on the orders of the French King Henry IV around 1600.   

Printer Draeger, Paris

Publisher Ministère des Travaux Publics, du Transport et due Tourisme: Direction Générale du Tourisme

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